HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PVT. LTD. e Genie -Exploring the in everyone. e-Genie Human Development Services are proud to present themselves as one of a kind – an Institute that is involved in all aspects of Human Interaction. Between student to parent, between spouses, between employee and employer, in short between two individuals in any capacity. This also involves the individual in her/ his own capacity as s/he deals with her/himself. There are many factors that go in to the development of one’s personality – both internal as well as external. While the external personality is comparatively easier to groom – with in tense training, exposure and a rigorous follow up; it is the internal personality that is far more complex and there fore difficult to modify.
The modification of the internal personality involves every faculty of the individual – all senses, perception, the paradigm that the individual has developed, beliefs and opinions and everything that the society has influenced the individual to absorb. While this does help the individual to cope with the societal and social behaviors, it imposes many restrictions in terms of the individual’s effectiveness.
The normal recourse for an individual is to search for the root of all problems and their solutions outside, it takes a lot of effort to under stand and grasp the fact that change can only come from within. Once this is done how ever the individual finds it comparatively easier to adopt her/ his personality to get rid of all barriers and live life to its full potential. Although it would be safe to say that very few individuals would be able to reach the zenith of their effectiveness, getting rid of some of the restricting behaviors and adopting some new behavior go a long way in enriching one’s life. At e-Genie, we have  developed a full scale of seminars, workshops and other means of assisting individuals to achieve just this.
The activities we conduct include individual counselling and therapy, group interaction activity including seminars and workshops and mass activities such as open house workshops. We also conduct various residential/ non-residential workshops with duration ranging from two days to two weeks. As a result of our activity over the last few years,
we have a large list of individuals who have completed our workshops across the country – some of them are still associated with us and are involved with us in the activities we conduct at various locations within India and abroad. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PVT. LTD . e -Genie Exploring the in everyone.
1.Mind Power
3.Relationship Management
4.Public Speaking
5.Personality Development
6.Trainers Training
7.Training of counsellors
8.Effective parenting

Some of the mass training activities we conduct include HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PVT. LTD. e Genie -Exploring the in everyone. FOR THE CORPORATE A significant activity we conduct as part of our training portfolio is training of corporate employees – either as in-house programmes or as mixed programmes targeted at corporate employees. These programmes include The Corporate Programmes are found to be useful both in SMEs who do not have the full spectrum of activities under their umbrella and would like to outsource for rein forcing their own structure, as well as the modern International Schools who wish to adopt Multiple Intelligence Practices through their teachers for more effective teaching.
e -Genie Exploring the in everyone. 1. Our signature programme – “It’s MY Life” – a three day workshop on Personal Effectiveness. This workshop addresses the various issues that normally inhibit an individual from delivering her/ his best, and help them to overcome many such obstacles. E very individual typically prepares a plan for improvement which is then submit ted to the immediate senior of the individual. In case where entrepreneurs or professionals are involved, they identify ‘buddies’ during the workshop with whom they agree to track progress.

  1. Follow up sessions are conducted on request.
  2. Conflict resolution
  3. Relationships – how to derive the best out of all relationships
  4. Communication – understanding the concept of communication, the various modes of communication and improving interpersonal communication.
  5. Effective leadership
  6. Harnessing Emotional Intelligence
  7. Stress Management
  8. Under standing roles and responsibilities
  9. Developing responsibility and accountability charts
  10. Organizational Vision and Mission Organizational Restructuring