Who We Are

Our Mission 
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Our Vision

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Principles of Our Work

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Our Core Competency

Corporate Trainings
Personal Effectiveness Workshop
Visualization for Mind Power
Pavement Preservations

Sudhir Kulkarni

Founder, Director 

Mr Sudhir Kulkarni is one of e-GENIE Directors involved in our various training and development activities. Mr Kulkarni brings with him about 38 years of corporate experience, having held senior positions for over 30 years with corporations such as Mafatlal Industries, Raymond Limited and Aditya Birla Group across various locations within India as well as abroad – he was the President Director of Indo Bharat Rayon, an Aditya Birla Group Company in Indonesia before he retired in 2012. During this period he also had the responsibility for setting up a plant in Turkey, for which he spent considerable time there.During his tenure with the Aditya Birla Group, he has been exposed to various aspects of individual development, including behavioural coaching. He has been trained as a Behavioural Coach by TWP of Singapore while working with the Aditya Birla Group, and has coached a number of senior managerial personnel of the Group being groomed for higher responsibility.

His forte is in coaching and training of counsellors and trainers, in conducting training sessions for teachers and parents of schools using modern teaching concepts, a passion he has developed since his corporate days, being involved in the operation of schools under his charge as the Unit/ Location Head in various organizations that worked in.

He is also a corporate trainer, and has been conducting workshops on subjects such as Personal Effectiveness, People Development, Team Building, conflict resolution, relationships etc. He also conducts workshops in any people related areas that may be of interest to individual companies, and has been conducting focused workshops for target audiences as well. His style is mainly participative, so that the participants get experiential exposure to the various aspects being dealt with.

His signature training programme is a workshop on Personal Effectiveness titled ‘Transform Your Life’, which deals with various aspects of behaviours as well as relationships, and helps participants to review their personal beliefs and attitudes. The participants build an individual goal sheet for the behavioural changes they will work towards, so as to overcome the barriers to effectiveness. At the choice of organizations, he also conducts refresher workshops so as to measure the progress of individual participants and ensure that they work towards their target goals.

He also conducts workshops on ‘Transforming Relationships’, a workshop aimed at allowing participants to take a fresh look at all their relationship issues, with particular emphasis on the relationship between spouses. This workshop is conducted for couples, and is a three day residential workshop.

Mr Kulkarni is a graduate in engineering, and has undergone a six month Management Development Programme conducted by IIM, Ahmedabad.

He is currently working on assignments of coaching entrepreneurs to enable them improve their management skills, helping organizations to revisit their Vision and Mission statements, redraft their strategy and to develop organization structures including KRAs, helping in transition management etc.

e Genie -Exploring the in everyone. e-Genie Human Development Services are proud to present themselves as one of a kind – an Institute that is involved in all aspects of Human Interaction. Between student to parent, between spouses, between employee and employer, in short between two individuals in any capacity. This also involves the individual in her/ his own capacity as s/he deals with her/himself.
There are many factors that go in to the development of one’s personality – both internal as well as external. While the external personality is comparatively easier to groom – with in tense training, exposure and a rigorous follow up; it is the internal personality that is far more complex and there fore difficult to modify. The modification of the internal personality involves e very faculty of the individual – all senses, perception, the paradigm that the individual has developed, beliefs and opinions and everything that the society has influenced the individual to absorb.
While this does help the individual to cope with the societal and social behaviors, it imposes many restrictions in terms of the individual’s effectiveness. The normal recourse for an individual is to search for the root of all problems and their solutions outside, it takes a lot of effort to under stand and grasp the fact that change can only come from within.
Once this is done how ever the individual finds it comparatively easier to adopt her/ his personality to get rid of all barriers and live life to its full potential. Although it would be safe to say that very few individuals would be able to reach the zenith of their effectiveness, getting rid of some of the restricting behaviors and adopting some new behavior go a long way in enriching one’s life.
At e-Genie, we have  developed a full scale of seminars, workshops and other means of assisting individuals to achieve just this. The activities we conduct include individual counselling and therapy, group interaction activity including seminars and workshops and mass activities such as open house workshops. We also conduct various residential/ non-residential workshops with duration ranging from two days to two weeks. As a result of our activity over the last few years, we have a large list of individuals who have completed our workshops across the country – some of them are still associated with us and are involved with us in the activities we conduct at various locations within India and abroad. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PVT. LTD . e -Genie Exploring the in everyone.

1.Mind Power


3.Relationship Management

4.Public Speaking

5.Personality Development

6.Trainers Training

7.Training of counsellor s

8.Effective parenting

Some of the mass training activities we conduct include HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PVT. LTD. e Genie -Exploring the in everyone. FOR THE CORPORATE A significant activity we conduct as part of our training portfolio is training of corporate employees – either as in-house programmes or as mixed programmes targeted at corporate employees.