Ms Rupal Shah (Mind Coach) :

Ms Rupal Shah is a graduate in commerce from Gujarat University. Soon after graduation, she found her career calling when she started out as an assistant to Dr Jitendra Adhia, the well-known mind trainer from Ahmedabad. While actively assisting him in preparation and conduct of his programmes, Ms Rupal Shah started her own training career by initially conducting the introductory seminars of Dr Jeetendra Adhia’s programmes. These gave her immense confidence in her ability to communicate with a large audience, and she decided to test her own abilities at conducting full-fledged seminars and workshops.

Her forte is in coaching and training of counsellors and trainers, in conducting trainer’s training sessions. She also held parenting coaching sessions for teachers and parents. A passion she has developed since her corporate days, being involved in different counselling.

Her signature programme is a workshop on Action to changes your life titled ‘Mind Mastery’, which deals with various aspects of thoughts as well as inner self, and helps participants to review their personal beliefs and attitudes. The participants build an individual goal sheet for the self changes they will work towards, so as to overcome the mental blockages. She also held various types of child related workshops specifically on subject of Brain activation-for kids age of 4 to 12 years.

From the last five years, Ms Rupal Shah has now been conducting programmes on Mind Power, Meditation, Parenting etc., in various cities of Gujarat, as also in Mumbai. These are well attended and invariably draw a good audience. She has found the knack of connecting with her audience and conducting interactive workshops and seminars. She firmly believes a philosophy, “What we conceive and believe, it can be achieve.”

In addition to conducting workshops and seminars, Ms Rupal Shah is also a counselor, both for individuals with personal issues and stresses, as well as for parents and school going children who wish to pursue a cherished career. She is a busy counselor, she has wide experience of counseling sessions of different types.