Suhag Panchal (Memory Coach)

Suhag Panchal has completed Post graduate in commerce, from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad and also completed inter C.A. from C.A. Institute. He has started training In the field of trainers in 2006.Conducts seminars and workshops on Public Speaking, Parenting, Personality, Development, Memory and Network Management. Conducts training on DMIT concepts and counselling.

He is Certified mind trainer with specialized skills in Memory building, Public speaking, “enjoy exams”, Leadership, Counselling for students, career counseling, Parenting, Goal setting, Training in network marketing. He is Director of E-genie Human Development Services Pvt. Ltd., working on Motivational and Memory Coach Training.

His signature programme is a workshop on Memory related techniques and other techniques titled ‘Dynamic Memory Workshop’, which deals with students and their problems with their study, exams, memory. Students build an individual goal and confidence for the self changes they will work towards, so as to overcome the exam and study   He also held various types of workshops on Public speaking, Personality Development.

e-GENIE are a group of professionals involved in various Human Development Activities for over 5 years, and have valuable experience in the field of training individuals for personal development. The areas handled by our counsellors include goal setting, personal effectiveness, harnessing mind power, stress management, relationship, hypnotherapy etc.