Our endeavor is to offer a fresh way to learn NLP – thoroughly – in stimulating sessions that are aimed at:

Developing real NLP skills in small groups and a relaxed and very informal environment.

Discovering what makes people tick

Enjoying great company and lots of fun activities

Learn about yourself, extend your potential and improve your ability to communicate with influence.

Have you ever allowed yourself to wonder…?

What would it be like if you can switch on/ off emotions at will? And how would you use it once you discovered to do that in others? You can get curious, cheerful and feel a strange excitement as you are about to start a task.

What’s it like when you figure out an easy way to build rapport with anyone and lead them without their awareness?

Can you imagine the possibilities if you knew that it is really that easy to…blow away those fears, limitations and beliefs that stopped you from achieving you dreams? You can become interested and take actions, can’t you?

The truth is, most people can learn anything easily…as soon as you are open to believing that anything is possible with an open mind. Just one incident can install a life-long strategy of motivation…we know that and feel hopeful knowing that possibility.

Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) is widely accepted as THE ultimate psychological science to quickly transform your relationships, eliminate negative thoughts, stress and mental blocks in delivering your best. At work, for family or improving social skills, concentration, memory and confidence in Children.

Decode the secret methods of how the mind works…how experiences are stored, emotions created, fears and motivations installed and master the ultimate use of language in programming yourself as well as influencing people.

Course Content:

Day 1

Understanding how people process information – playing back the way they prefer to hear

Decoding the mechanics of rapport building and lead discussions.

How to overcome limiting thoughts and take life to a new orbit.

Programming for success: how to install pure positivity mental state

Structure of Experience: techniques to eliminate fears, negative thoughts, bad memories, unwanted habits and more…

Day 2

Mastering the art of precision language. Few questions with mind-blowing impact.

Simple technique to manage personal conflicts, build strategy, set goals, etc.

New behavior generator, changing personal history

Hypnotic language patterns – getting results easily

Message Engineering: Irresistible written and oral communication

Change your past memories and install desired behavior for any situation.

5- Day Diploma in Neuro Linguistics Programming

Honestly, do you see any of your goals below?

Be a persuasive communicator

Get rid of unwanted habits, easily and quickly

Have super-positive relationships with people

Not just set goals, but achieve them – always!

Work with a mind-set of ‘being the best performer in the team’

Stop reacting to situations and sabotage your life

Learn NLP and know just how naturally you can accomplish these and more… READY NOW?

OK, so here’s a tangy flavor of what you learn…

Structure of Experience: How you can alter your unpleasant experiences. Change your history through neurological reimprinting old events!

Communication Patterns: Notice how people communicate (verbally and non-verbally) to others and themselves.

The science of instant rapport: With anyone, anytime…simple.

Calibrating people: Benchmark any individual in your life and cultivate an X-Ray vision to read their mental patterns.

Set goals for life, work, relationships, etc. And learn techniques toachieve them

Conflict Management, Building business strategies: Using the power of visualized dissociation and connecting with your future in a powerful way.

Changing habits: The finer aspects of how people experience their worlds. Learn to manage your emotions, install habits, collapse unwanted habits, eliminate phobias…and more !!

State-lock: ‘click’ into any desirable state anytime and anywhere. Feel calm, happy, curious, motivated…at will.

Timelines and Neuro subconscious re-imprinting: How we hold past and future in the mind. Changing your past memories and creating a customised life-history that works for you in the way you desire.

The FUN Format:

Rich mix of theory, demonstrations, practice exercises, jaw dropping awe and wide eyed curiosity.

A shiny, shimmering Diploma in NLP on day 5.

Expect to have fun, enjoy the training and most of all be ready for positive and productive change.

Goal: The key objectives of the NLP MasterClass is to:

  1. Provide a platform for NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners to meet up – practice techniques, share and discuss case studies, review and refresh concepts.
  2. An opportunity for novices – aspiring to know what NLP is all about, to join in the fun and learn concepts.
  3. Offer trainers with complementary skills to conduct introductory sessions. e.g Graphology, Yoga, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Chakra Healing, etc.
  4. Meet, Network, Exchange knowledge and have Fun !!

Have you always wanted to learn NLP, but never found the time to enroll for a multi-day workshop? Or, do you find the multi-day workshop too expensive?

Or, perhaps you have trained in NLP and looking for a practice forum to rehearse techniques in a friendly atmosphere?

Relax !! you are not alone in a city with plenty of NLP Practitioners not having enough forums to practice techniques and wanna-be’s who don’t want to invest big sums on long workshops before dipping their toes in the waters and testing what ‘exactly’ is this NLP animal?

This NLP MasterClass series might provide you with the ideal opportunity to gently step into the world of NLP or practice what you have learnt !!

What is NLP MasterClass? It is a series of 12 (one per month) workshops, scheduled in the evenings 6pm to 9pm at MUMBAI. The only exception would be when the day coincides with a major public holiday.

What will be covered? Each NLP MasterClass will pick an NLP technique, discuss its context and application and follow that with practice exercises that help you learn and understand its usage.

My wishlist includes: State Management techniques, Setting time-proof goals and achieving them, awesome language patterns, belief change techniques, teaching children, language and behavior profiles, designing hypnotic scripts, psychology book reviews, speed reading, accelerated learning techniques….and much more. Your suggestions will be taken onboard too !!!

Occasionally, you will even get to learn alternative psychology concepts such as Yoga, TFT, EFT or Hypnosis…making it even more exciting and interesting.

  1. Looking for our hidden side

Our hidden side is actually quite active in our life. It seems hidden because we do not notice it even when we see it. We will first get introduced to our hidden side and then take several examples where it seems to be directing the drama of our daily life.

  1. Accepting our revealed side

Now that the hidden side is revealed, we will hear stories and see examples to understand how it is a precious internal resource to transform our fears, angers, sorrows and stress into intelligence that could energize our passions and ambitions.

  1. Working with our resourceful side

When we access this resourceful side, we start doing every small and big thing effectively, efficiently and enjoyably. This is our natural state of excellence. We will see how we could make small adjustments to our present way of living so we could attain this state eventually. As we merge with our own hidden intelligence, we realize that the true purpose of human life is . . .  well, do attend the talks and decide for yourself!