Personal Effectiveness Workshop  By Sudhir Kulkarni

To help you understand what is holding you back, and release new understanding to unshackle your mind of constraints


1 Understand  what limits your performance

2 Learn to recognize and question your limitations

3 See your current “ worldview in new light”


1 Challenge the way you have been thinking

2 Learn to “do the right thing”

3 Evolve your desired behavioral style

4 Set up an action plan to implement the new behaviors


An experiential programme that promotes self-realization and learning

Understand your hidden barriers

Break free from your fears and self-limiting beliefs

New insights and learning to help you perform your tasks more effectively

Guaranteed to bring about a change in your perspective about your life and capability

Learn from your own past experiences as well as from other participants

Start doing exactly what you should be doing, right from day one!

Define and finalize your life goals, and start your new journey towards a much more effective life

Discover yourself a new !

We encourage you to participate fully so as to gain maximum from the workshop. Recommended for all those who want to improve their effectiveness by overcoming current limitations. Working knowledge of English will be an advantage.