We have all types of relationships in our lives. Relationships are never static—they are a dynamic dance based on the lives of each individual. Everybody is STARVING for connection. From family ties to love affairs, people are unhappy in all types of relationships because we operate and define them by someone’s ability to meet our internal expectations instead of approaching them based individual understanding, humanity, and compassion.

Every relationship is a reflection on the relationship with your Self , our expectations play a role in our dis-satisfaction,  your hidden objectives are within expectations, expectations are not your needs, feel more connected to your Self & others.

Humans  are a social animal. Living in a society of people with a lot of differences, we pay a lot of attention towards how we deal with others, trying our level best to maintain positively growing relationships with others.

Relationships are not the cause for failures. Since we all are dependent on others for our physical, mental, emotional, financial and social well-being, we cannot deny the importance of relationships.