Sub – Conscious  Activation  Workshop

Unlock your child’s hidden potential
Sub – Conscious  Journey for Children Age Group : 4  to 14

Special workshop for awakening of sub- conscious mind

  1. Sound Therapy to make your Child Genius
  2. Benefits of Sub- Conscious  Journey
  3. Balance left and right brain function
  4. Enhance memory
  5. Gain self confidence
  6. Emotional stability
  7. Improve focus and concentration
  8. Enhance creation planning and imagination
  9. Self learning method
  10. Better and brighter academic career growths
  11. Speed reading
  12. Blindfold reading ability
  13. Recognizing colours /numbers/shapes
  14. Reading newspapers/books/etc.
  15. Currency notes/ serial numbers

Why sub – conscious  activation  workshop ?
Many children in the society faced tremendous stress and pressure from family and society

Education system gives over stress on logical training

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Parent Opinion

Parent Opinion