Choose the Best Career and make a fortune. Become a Mind Power Trainer and practice to conduct your own Mind Power Workshops.

Learn from the Most Qualified and Experienced, Internationally Acclaimed Trainer of the Human Mind Dr Jeetendra Adhia M.D.,  Pioneer of Mind Power Training in India


The next programme is scheduled to be held between 25th DEC. 2017 TO 8th JANUARY 2018. Highlights of TTP*


The Trainers Training Program (TTP) is a result of Dr. Adhia’s strong belief that “Imparting and sharing knowledge is the best service to humankind”. Today, he is famous all over the world as a human trainer and motivational speaker. Dr. Adhia has reached this level of success after a long struggle. He wants to help others to spread these programs. They are free to improve on his programs and be as successful as Dr. Adhia or be even more successful. The TTP workshop is developed with the aim of “Enabling People from All Walks of Life to Develop Themselves as Mind Power Trainer with Unique Personal Appeal”. There are so many people who have taken advantage of Dr Adhia’s Trainer’s Training Program and are working as Mind Power Trainers.


*Demand and supply *


Among 120 Crores people of India, not many Qualified Mind Trainers of a good substance are available. You can imagine the gap between the demand and supply. So-many self-help books and movies like The “Secret” have generated a great hunger to learn more about Subconscious mind all around the world.

The success of “Prerna Nu Jharnu” (Spring of Inspiration) book, seminar and Dr Adhia’s Mind Power Workshop has created interest in this profession in people of India. The success of Dr Jeetendra Adhia has attracted many people to become Mind Power Trainer. Now Dr Adhia has started training the trainers to conduct his most popular “Mind Power Workshop”.


Why become a Mind Power Trainer ?

  • Choose an occupation you love to do and you will never have to work a single day in your life.
  • If human training is the job you love to do and enjoy it too, you will never feel tired or bored.
  • You will be creating new learning from time to time.
  • You will get opportunities to meet a lot of people, Which in turn helps you in the development of your profession.
  • You will have a wider circle of friends and well-wishers in your life.
  • You could get opportunities to travel throughout the country and maybe the
  • world too.
  • You can be your own boss and decide your own hours of work.
  • Your financial status will improve
  • People will seek and respect your advice.
  • Your satisfaction comes from being helpful to people.
  • Your contribution will make this world a better place to live in.



Who can attend?


  • There are some essential requirements to become an effective trainer.
  • A few of these are listed below. Please check how you fit in this framework.
  • Must have a burning desire to be of help to fellow humans.
  • Must be a Graduate in any field.
  • Must Know his/her mother tongue, Hindi and English fairly well.
  • Must be able to express one’s thoughts clearly..
  • Your inner personality must reflect positive mental attitude, enthusiasm,
  • Emotional strength, strong ethics, and proactive approach among others.
  • Be well dressed, with good manners, sober with clarity of speech and
  • physically fit in projecting a pleasing outer personality.
  • Must be economically sound and stable.


14 Days Intensive Trainers Training Programme.


Benefits  of becoming a   ” Mind Power Trainer”


  1. Sustained Income
  2. Name and Fame
  3. Job Satisfaction
  4. Joy of work
  5. Wide, and possibly Global Exposure



Topics Covered during the Trainer’s Training Programme.


  1. Deep knowledge of Mind
  2. Stage performance skills
  3. Public speaking
  4. Stage Hypnosis
  5. Grooming
  6. Memory & Mind power 1, 3 & 6 hr program.
  7. Distributorship of Dr Adhia’s products.
  8. 500 GB of important Trainers data
  9. Marketing Secrets
  10. Career Support.
  11. Authorized Certification by Dr Adhia
  12. Right to conduct Dr Adhia’s Mind Power Workshop.
  13. Dr Adhia’s presentation software.


  1. Your listing on Dr Adhia’s Website*.


(*Condition apply.)


In addition , the  16 Days Trainer’s Training Programme includes…..


(A) Detailed Training by Dr.Jeetendra Adhia on the various aspects of Mind Power Training developed  by him over  last 26 years.

(B) 6/7  days of intensive practice with the experienced faculty of  e-Genie,who have trained over 100 participants in Mind Power Training  over the last many years.

(c) Exclusive 2 day Mind Power workshop conducted by Dr.Adhia, to experience first-hand all the aspects covered during the workshop.

World is waiting for the change, make decision now.

With a view to containing costs, the schedule of investment for the programme is designed to lower costs for those who can make up their minds early.

We now look forward to learning of your interest to take this forward. In case of any clarifications@ AHMEDABAD.